About Us

Papa Sweet Tooth-Authentic Vietnamese Food is a restaurant that owns a great culinary space with a sophistication of Asian cuisine culture. Coming to Papa’s Sweet Tooth, you can enjoy the unique, innovative and distinctive features of Vietnamese cuisine. Among them, the most impressive and prominent with the main culinary design is the special dishes processed from traditional ingredients.

Our Mission

Cuisine and more than that!

“Cuisine and more than that!” Is a slogan that shows the mission, motto, direction that Papa Sweet Tooth has chosen.

Papa Sweet Tooth’s target is to provide customers with a great and meaningful experience about Vietnamese cuisine. Food is not only delicious, but also ensure the hygiene and nutrition.

Customer’s health is always one of the top issues that Papa Sweet Tooth cares about. All of the food of our restaurant will bring the best appetite and satisfaction to customers.

Papa Sweet Tooth offers a wide range of dishes in Vietnamese culinary culture. With the talented team of experienced chefs, Papa Sweet Tooth will bring you the best of Papa Sweet Tooth, full of flavor and taste.